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OUR BEGINNINGS - Changing Lives to Change the World

Horizon Christian School is a ministry of Horizon Community Church. We began in 1981 with a few preschool classes held in a renovated barn. Since our school's humble inception, our student body has grown to over 500 students serving children from preschool through 12th grade on two school campuses: Horizon Christian Elementary and Middle School and Horizon Christian High School. We serve the suburban Portland, Oregon market by offering a well-rounded, rigorous education delivered within a Christian-centered worldview. We provide a Christian teaching environment without denominational restrictions and believe that "whoever will, may come."  We only ask that students and families have both the heart and the desire to learn and the willingness to explore a Christian worldview.


The Horizon Christian Elementary and Middle School campus is located on Sagert Street in Tualatin, Oregon, near Legacy Meridian Park Hospital. With easy I-5 access, the campus safely back up to a green way providing for a beautiful academic setting. A carefully executed car line provides for safe and easy access to the school. In addition to regular classes, Horizon students enjoy a number of specialist classes to round out their educational experience, including foreign language, computer lab, fine arts, choral music performance, theater arts, and PE.  Weekly participation at every grade level is integral to fulfilling our educating the whole child philosophy in the Christ-centered education received at Horizon Christian School.

The Horizon Christian High School and Learning Center campus is located on 38 acres of property at the intersection of Boones Ferry and Norwood Roads in Tualatin, Oregon.  The Learning Center opened in 1987 for the purpose of providing the southwest suburbs of Portland, Oregon with a Christian alternative to public education. Since that time the school and Learning Center has continued to grow and flourish under the leadership and the support and encouragement of Horizon Community Church. 

The Horizon Christian High School was founded in October 2006, as a ministry of Grace (now Horizon) Community Church. It began with a vision: in 1994, Pastor Stan Russell felt called by God to create a Christ-centered community in Tualatin. In 1999, the vision expanded to include a high school to further glorify God's name. By 2000, the church had obtained community support in the form of both faith and gifts, and the dream began to be a reality. In June 2001, 38 acres of land were acquired; construction began a few years later. In October 2006, Horizon Christian High School opened its doors to the first students. Horizon Christian High School offers a wide range of specialty classes including foreign language, computer labs, fine arts, choral music performance, theatre arts, and physical education. 3A Championship athletics include football, basketball, baseball, soccer, volleyball, softball, cross country, and track, and our athletic training facilities and coaches are state of the art. Over time and as part of our ongoing Hawk Heritage Giving Society and Horizon Campus Campaign, we intend to expand the campus to include up to 60 classrooms, a chapel, art studios, computer and science labs, an athletic training facility, a variety of sports fields, and a 5,000 seat football and track and field stadium.