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Our Story

For over 35 years, Horizon Christian School has been serving families in SW Portland. We are compelled by our mission to build a school that will glorify God. We are committed to equipping our students with a Christ centered educational experience that will empower them to overcome obstacles and embrace opportunities at each level of their growth and development. We are dedicated to inspiring in each student a genuine love for God, love for one another and actively engage in serving their communities.

Our journey began in 1980, when Horizon Community Church sensed the Lord's’ leading to establish a Christ centered Elementary School and Community Christian School (CCS) was born. The new school and its programs were embraced by families in Tualatin and surrounding communities. Over the next decade, CCS earned the reputation of being one of the best and brightest primary schools in the Tualatin Valley as attested to with the steady rise in enrollment. In 1996, to accommodate the growing demands for its’ Faith based education, the elementary school expanded by adding 7th and 8th grade classes onto its Sagert Campus. In 1999, Pastor Stan and the leadership of Horizon Community Church, felt divinely directed to expand our educational impact and build a Christian High School.

From the very beginning of the new high school project, God provided in ways we could not have imagined. For example; an anonymous donor called and asked Pastor Stan: “What would you do if I donated $600,000 to the church?” After   much prayer with key leaders, Pastor Stan responded to the donor; “We will build an Evangelical Christian High School.” After hearing our heart to follow God’s plan for Horizon Christian School, the donor increased his donation to $1,000,000 matching fund. God continued unfolding his plan by providing the land we needed (40 acres), the approval of a plethora of complex permits, the “unexpected” annexation into the Urban Growth Boundary (over 600% increase in land value), and so much more. The miraculous provision we experienced are too numerous to recount here. We were humbled and inspired by how God was working with, in and through us. In November 2006 Horizon Christian High School moved onto our beautiful new Boones Ferry Campus located on the South end of Tualatin.

Today, Horizon Christian School is a safe and healthy home to over 400 students thriving on two campuses. Our academic, athletic, arts, activities and spiritual formation programs are second to none. Both campuses are beautifully manicured and our facilities designed to provide excellent learning environments. Our Sagert Campus (Elementary & Middle School) is spread over 6 acres located in the middle of Tualatin. Approximately 2 miles South of Sagert Campus is our 38.5 acre Boones Ferry Campus, home to our Learning Center, Pre School and High School.