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The leadership of Horizon Christian School, as well as its day-to-day operational management, rests primarily with the school's administrators', however, as a ministry of Horizon Community Church, the governance of the school rests ultimately with the senior pastor and the elder board of the church.

The Horizon Christian School Advisory Team (SAT) functions primarily to support and assist the school in accomplishing its intent to provide parents with a quality Christian education for their child(ren).


The vision of Horizon Christian School is to develop a great school system, devoid of denominational distinctives, for the glory of God and as a ministry to the greater Portland metro area.

Whoever Will May Come. Horizon Christian School is not just open to current Jesus followers but to every student who feels called here and is willing to abide by the code of conduct, realizing that Jesus and Scripture will be intentionally and boldly taught at all levels.

Changed Lives. We believe that the power, purpose, presence and people of Jesus will change lives. We will use every opportunity to declare the Good News of Jesus and the life-changing value of Scripture.

Developing Greatness. We have high expectations of students and seek to develop and unleash their potential in full expectation that Jesus has in mind greatness!