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Capital Projects

Horizon Christian Campus The Case for Support: Capital Projects

"I want to build a great high school to glorify my name." These were the words received by Pastor Stan Russell which planted the seeds for the vision of a Horizon Christian High School and Middle School campus in Tualatin. In keeping with God's direction, Horizon Christian Schools teach from a Christian world-view, with Christ as the focus, and the word of God as the standard. Our support will come from those who believe in a quality education for all and in an environment for inspired and focused learning with a purpose of changing lives in order to change the world.

Located just one half mile south of Tualatin High School on Boones Ferry Road, the 48 acre campus of Horizon Christian Schools currently presents the completion of Phase 1 of the master site plan. When fully built out, the campus will include 10 major buildings, a number of athletic fields, parking, and a 5,000 seat football/track and field stadium. The long range goal for this campus is to develop a school educating 1,000 high school and 400 middle school students. 

Already on campus, is the first High School/Ministry building which is open and beaming with school activities, and is shared by Horizon Christian High School and Horizon Christian Middle School. This first building was opened in October 2006 with grades 7 and 8 for the middle school, and grades 9-11 for the high school. Grade 12 was added to the high school in the fall of 2007. 

Horizon Community Church moved from its previous location on Sagert Street into the new High School/Ministry building in February 2007. On the weekends, the gymnasium is transformed into the church sanctuary, and classrooms become small group meeting rooms each Sunday. 

All Horizon Campus buildings and fields are designed with a dual-usage purpose in mind, with facilities designated for school activities during the week days and evening, and then re-designated for church programs and activities on weekends and some week nights. As the campus continues to be developed, facilities will become available for use by other community teams and organizations on a scheduling and availability basis. More space will become available for recreational sports, cultural and artistic needs serving the surrounding community.