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Fundraising Breakfast

Hawk Heritage Fundraising Breakfast

How is Our Hawk Heritage Fundraising Breakfast unique?

• The goal of the event is to raise unrestricted funds for our programs and to spread our message in the community.
• It’s totally free.
• It will only be an hour long.
• There is no requirement that anyone give at the event.
• As much as anything, we want people to see and hear about the great work we do at Horizon Christian School.
• It will make you proud to be involved with Horizon Christian School.

Here are the details of the event:

• Event: Hawk Heritage Fundraising Breakfast -
“Celebrating Hawk Heritage’s 10th Anniversary”
• Date:Thursday May 23rd, 2019
• Location: Tualatin Country Club
• Time: Begins @ 8:30am & Ends @ 9:30am
• Cost: FREE