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Hawk Heritage Giving Society

Hawk Heritage Giving Society: Bridging Vision with Reality

Horizon Christian Schools have grown through the generous investment of donors, major fundraising campaigns and the ongoing support of parent church, Horizon Community Church.  However, the schools are in need of a long-term, vision based approach to sustainable funding.  A new day is dawning where we can move beyond special appeals, auctions and fundraisers.  To achieve this end we purpose to build lifelong relationships with donors who truly understand and support the ongoing mission of Horizon Christian Schools.  Introducing the Hawk Heritage Giving Society.

The Hawk Heritage Giving Society provides unrestricted resources for Horizon Christian Schools to accomplish its mission to Bring Life to Learning.  While tuition and fees provide the necessary funds to meet our basic operational obligations they don't fully bridge the gap to provide the excellence in Christian Education that we envision.  That is where the Hawk Heritage Giving Society comes in.  Here are some of the area that the HHGS helps to sustain, provide for and build:
  • Tuition Assistance: Helping families in need; Investing in tomorrow's leaders
  • Instructional Staff:  Equipping our staff for one of the greatest of callings;  Providing additional compensation to works who are worthy of their hire
  • Program Enhancement:  Enhancing existing CORE offerings;  Expanding to provide diversity and opportunity
  • Operational Excellence:  Upgrading support and systems;  Providing the best tools available to facilitate excellence in education
  • Facility Expansion:  Enhancing our God-given grounds, facilities and tools;  Expanding to provide for future growth and opportunity


Joining the Society

Prayerfully Consider Partnering with the Hawk Heritage Giving Society
Choose your 5 - Year Giving Commitment Level:  

Sustainer - $1,000 per year
Provider - $5,000 per year
Builder - $10,000 per year
To learn more about the Hawk Heritage Giving Society contact Pastor Roger Levasa, Development Director Horizon Community Church.