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Elementary/Middle School


Students 6th-8th grades may arrive no sooner than 8:00am.
Students, PreK+-5th grades, may arrive after 8:15am. Please no earlier (unless arriving with a MS sibling only. Elementary siblings of MS students may go to the cafeteria until 8:15am for a supervised exercise time)
Please note that the buildings are not open prior to these arrival times and supervision for students is not available. 


Students K-5th: 2:55 pm

Students 6th-8th: 3:10 pm


Carline is designed to allow for prompt pick up while keeping students supervised and safe. The corresponding map shows the traffic pattern design for carline procedure. There are 5 lanes on the West Side and 2 on the East Side.

Gold lines indicate the 1st-5th grade car line (West Side) and start @ 2:55pm.*
Purple lines indicate the Kindergarten car line (2:55- 3:10pm) and the MS Carline (3:10pm) (East Side)*
East Side (Purple) is Kindergarten ONLY until 3:10pm- then MS is released. If arriving early, MS cars need to park to allow the kindergarten line to finish.
Multi-Student families please refer to the combined pick up instructions below.
Red marked areas indicate the NO Parking zones 8:00am-3:30pm. Please do not park in these areas until after 3:30pm.
The white stars indicate the loading area in either carline where students may enter or exit their cars.
Please do not park along 72nd Avenue between Sagert and the school exit or in the cul-de-sac, even temporarily, between 2:30-3:30pm. If necessary, please park south of the school exit on the west side of the street.  

It is important that cars do not queue earlier than 2:45p.m. These areas are used for recess and outdoor activities until then.

Combined Pick-up: multiple student households

Families with a kindergartner will pick up ALL STUDENTS at the East car line (Building D) @ 2:55pm.
Families with a MIDDLE SCHOOL student will queue and pick up ALL STUDENTS at the East car line (Building D) @ 3:10pm.

**Please note:  Pick-up locations do not alter based on student absences.  Your students will be waiting at their assigned carline location even if their sibling is absent.

Please be Prompt:  After the dismissal times, regular staff will not be available to supervise students. Safety and other concerns keep us from allowing HCES students to be left unsupervised. Therefore, any child not picked up by the designated times must wait in the school office. In order to help us maintain a safe environment, parents may be required to come into the building to sign their child(ren) out.

We wish to accommodate family emergencies. If you are detained because of weather, illness, and accidents, etc., please call the office as soon as possible and let us know that you will be late. We will make arrangements to see that your child is not left unsupervised while he/she waits to be picked up.