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Chapel is considered an important part of the educational ministry of Horizon Christian Schools so parents, family members, and friends are welcome and encouraged to attend chapel services.  Our goal is to help the students of HCS fall in love with Jesus and to go out and be leaders in Christ amongst their friends, families, sports teams and other spheres of influence.

No prior notice is required but visitors need to check-in at the front office when arriving on campus.  

Elementary School

Chapel for kindergarten-5th grade is held on Wednesdays in the gym at 9:20am. 

Middle School

Chapel for the middle school is held on Wednesdays in the gym at 8:20am.  

High School

Chapel at the high school is held on Tuesdays from 9:25-10:15am. Chapel starts our week off with Christ as the centerpiece. Our chapels are an opportunity for the students and staff to engage in their walk with Christ. We spend time together in worship, are blessed by the words of many great speakers, and share testimonies with one another as we together walk the path of being followers of Jesus.  Chapels are recorded and put on YouTube.

Chapel Prep Class

High School chapel prep class is a zero period class that takes place from 7:10am to 7:55am.  Students are a part of the worship team, the tech crew or both.  Students are able to participate in all aspects of chapel to prepare each week.  Worship, sound, lights, video, video editing, film and speaking are integrated into the class for students.

Recent Chapel Speakers & Topics:

Pastor Peter Holmes -- Honoring God & showing love to others

Mrs. Taylor Adams -- Jonah's change of heart

Pastor Josh Davis -- The importance of obeying God

Pastor Stan Russell -- The beginnings of HCHS

Pastors Elliot and Sarah Otteson -- Following the Holy Spirit

Horizon High School Teachers -- How their faith has impacted their lives