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Everything We Were Looking For & More

April 19, 2017
By Brad Peterson

As a father of 3 Horizon students in the elementary, middle and high school, as well as both a local Pastor and Professional Christian Counselor, I can fully and enthusiastically endorse Horizon Christian School. Our family moved to the area 3 years ago and were seeking, first and foremost, a quality, Christian education for our kids. Secondly, we wanted them to have a wide variety of fun and challenging extra-curricular activities to round out their overall school experience. Thirdly, we wanted them to have a relationally safe and friendly environment where they were known, accepted and free to thrive as individuals, without the typical peer-pressures to conform, clique-up...or worse.

Horizon has proven to be all those things and more! The campus culture created by administration, faculty, and staff is biblically based, committed to our students’ best, and family-centered in every aspect. My wife and I were welcomed and encouraged to participate in chapels, field trips, sports events, fund-raisers, newcomer events, celebrations, etc. We have volunteered as speakers, coaches, chaperones, drivers, and been part of crews for set-up, clean-up, welcoming new families, or simply praying for the school. Because of her unique background and education, my wife began to substitute teach and, this year, joined the faculty as one of their middle school Bible teachers—a role she truly cherishes and is grateful to fulfill at Horizon!

Horizon is a school born out of the vision of a single, local church, and remains grounded and supported by their leadership and congregation. However, it has a wide appeal to local families, whether they are unchurched or involved in any one of a wide-variety of local churches and denominations. As deeply rooted as we are in another local church, we love being a family of “Hawks” and know our children are receiving the very best blend in their school experience—from academics, to activities, to friendships . . . all in a safe, fun, Jesus-centered environment! We could not ask for more!


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