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Not only Home

May 18, 2018
By Joanne Eyerly

“Horizon is not only home to my family but Horizon means home to my family.

In 2010 we moved here from Ohio not knowing a soul. And since then, Horizon has become our Oregon family. We have made friendships and relationships that will last a lifetime.   

I say this because since the meet and greet at the middle school, everyone here, administrators, teachers, parents and students have treated my family and I like they have known us forever.

Carol Peterson was my “mentor” mom and that has made all the difference. If you know Carol and or the Peterson’s you know what I mean. She introduced us to her family and her friends and that first impression has lasted 8 years. Her genuine interest and friendliness was exemplified in the entire Horizon community.
The first thing I was told upon arriving on campus was “Welcome to Oregon, you’re going to love it here.”

The rest is history. I so much enjoyed the people and environment here that I decided to help out and work here as a study hall monitor. Getting to know the students and staff has been more rewarding than I could have imagined. The way the staff cares for each and every student is truly a gift.

We are blessed to be a part of such a caring & supportive community.”

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Small Sacrifices

May 11, 2018
By Wendy Dillree

“As a family we made the decision, that although we may have to make small sacrifices, it was important to offer our kids a Christ centered education.  Horizon offers a unique experience where teachers, and staff really get to know their students, and are praying specifically for your children. 

We are in the unique position were Wendy now teaches at the school (Middle School Campus.)  This has given us insight from a teachers’ perspective and has fit well into our family.  We’re proud to be called Hawks and love our home at Horizon.”

Drew, Wendy, Spencer (9th Grade) and Nathan (6th Grade)

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God met every need

April 30, 2018
By Sarah Otteson

"My husband and I initially saw video clips about the school two years before actually attending. I don’t remember where we saw it or exactly what it said that caught our attention but it tugged at our hearts. At the time, we were in the Lake Oswego Public School system; supposedly the best in the state. For many reasons, too long to share here, we weren’t impressed. We had believed that private school was a long shot especially while we were paying very expensive daycare costs. But we continued to have the discussions. A few months went by and we saw the same video clip. This time we were church shopping and decided that if we wanted to go to Horizon as a school then we should get to know the community it was connected too.

That was September 2016 and we haven’t left.

God met EVERY need.

At the same time our daughter was leaving daycare, the school was offering Variable Tuition. The cost of what we were paying for daycare would put both kids in private school. For us this made it where there were no excuses. 


Our son Dorian was VERY vocal that he didn’t want to go. He doesn’t like change much. With a little convincing to just try a shadow day so that we could have a family discussion about the whole thing, he agreed. Since that shadow day he will tell you how much he LOVES Horizon. He had to go! He listed all the reasons that he wanted to go. He would come home every day after public school to say that he couldn’t wait to attend Horizon. He saw the difference in the school, the teachers, the students. They all wanted to be there and supported one another. On the playground, it wasn’t a matter of who do I exclude but how do we include others. 

Our family loves the community and partnership we have in Horizon, as a school and as a church. Our family is thriving. It’s not always perfect, no place or person is. But the biggest difference is that all our hearts are in it. We all have the best of intentions to work together for the best of everyone. It’s a partnership of growing together. It takes a village to raise a family! Our family has chosen Horizon to be our home. Support and Love for each part of the family through Jesus Christ. “Everybody is somebody and Jesus is All” (Luke 15:20)"

Cliff, Elisabeth, Dorian (Grade 5), Adrielle (Kindergarten), Kazuki Yokomizo (ISP Japan)- Grade 10


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Horizon Student Crowned Miss Teen Oregon

March 22, 2018
By Hawk Heritage & Jaycie Forrester

On October 8th 2017, Horizon Christian High School Junior Jaycie Forrester won the Miss Oregon Teen USA pageant. Unlike her competitors, Jaycie had never participated or competed in a beauty pageant. In this exclusive interview with Hawk Heritage Newletter, Jaycie reveals why her ascension to Miss Oregon Teen USA was much more than a leap of faith... Success leaves clues. See if you can identify some of the clues to Jaycie’s success.

Jaycie Forrester = JF

Hawk Heritage = HH


HH - When did you first begin competing in competitions like Ms Teen Oregon?

JF - The Miss Oregon Teen USA was the frst time I began to compete in pageants

HH - When was your thought process in deciding to compete for Ms Teen Oregon?

JF - I am always looking to improve my future and so one day I was searching online for scholarship opportunities towards my college education and the Miss Oregon Teen pageant was one of the first things that popped up! I immediately called the directors and had a two hour phone interview with them before they accepted me.

HH - What surprised you about your Ms Oregon Teen pageant competition?

JF - When most people thinks of beauty pageants their first thought is big hair, lots of makeup, and big gowns. I mean all of those are definitely a part, but the more I learned about the Miss Universe Organization (MUO) the more I realized it had a lot to do with how you carry and present yourself in front of others. I also like that there was lot of focus on our interests and intelligence.

HH - What was most fun about the Ms Oregon Teen experience?

JF - I would have to say it was actually the competition. I’m a competetive person. Whether in athletics or academics, the thrill and adrenaline rush I get from competing is so invigorating. Competing in the pageant made me want to keep that feeling going as long as I could.

HH - What was most challenging for you during the Ms Oregon Teen experience?

JF - The most challenging was making sure I didn’t tear myself down. The girls I competed against have been involved in pageants for years and knew everything about the pageant world, and all I knew was the basics. I knew I had to focus on being me and have God help me along the way.

HH - What did you learn or discover about yourself during the months and weeks of preparing for and competing in Ms Oregon Teen?

JF - I learned that staying true myself and focusing on who I am is very important. Whether it comes to competitions like the Miss Oregon Teen USA or in my everyday life, I had to be myself.

HH - You are also very involved at Horizon in sports and the student government. What did you enjoy most about your basketball experience at Horizon Christian?

JF - I loved how close our girls basketball team were and all the new friendships that came out of it. I was new to the sport and was so nervous to even try, but all my coaches and teammates were super supportive and helpful. As I became more comfortable with playing basketball, it made me love the sport even more.

HH - What is it about the ASB that appealed to you and made you want to be an ASB officer?

JF - Horizon Christian School has been my home since 1st grade, so I always try to give back in any way I can. When I figured out there was a student government that is fully invested in the school, I knew it was going to be a perfect fit for me.

HH - What are your TOP 3 best things about being a student at Horizon Christian HS?

JF - 1. The relationshhips that are made with my classmates and teachers. I love how close of  a community it is and how I can walk through the hallways and be able to recognize all the friendly faces.

2. All the opportunities the school provides is amazing and how willing they are to add any new clubs or sports that we can. From sports to clubs to student government, they make it possible for students to be involved in it all.

3. Horizon Christian has made it possible for me to express my faith in any school function, sport or class. I never have to be afraid to share my faith with anyone, which is so freeing and an amazing community to be a part of. 

Jaycie has (4.0 GPA), participates in 3 varsity sports, is a member of student government and will enroll at Boise State, George Fox or Washington State U, as she pursues a  career with the FBI as a Criminal Profiler. A career Jaycie has dreamt of since the 8th grade. If past performance is any indication of future results, bank on Jaycie trading in her title of Ms Oregon Teen for Special Agent Jaycie Forrester.

From 3A to D1 to the NFL

January 10, 2018
By Sarah Otteson

From 3A to D1 to the NFL

Horizon Christian’s Wyatt Houston

In the 2016-2017 approximately 1.1 million USA High School athletes competed in varsity football. 2.6% (1 out of 603) will compete at a NCAA 1 / FBS - D1 school. That is over 15,000 athletes at the FBS - D1 level. When you combine all colleges that offer varsity football in the US, the total number of athletes is over 92,500. Only 2% of college football players are given the opportunity to play in the NFL.

In 2013, Horizon Christian High School’s all-star quarterback Wyatt Houston was 1 of 14 Oregon high school seniors, and the only 3A athlete in Oregon to receive a NCAA FBS-D1 football scholarship

Although he played QB at Horizon, Houston made an immediate impact as a Tight End at Utah State. Houston earned starting time in each of his four years at Utah State, including his senior season, when he started nine games and earned honorable mention all-Mountain West honors. For his career, Houston played 46 games, starting 28 times, and caught 86 passes for 933 yards and nine touchdowns.

In the Spring of 2017, Houston fulfilled a dream he had as a 1st grader when he signed a free agent contract with the NFL Kansas City Chiefs. Unfortunately Houston was released over concerns his previous injuries would hinder his performance. A few weeks later the Carolina Panthers signed Houston but eventually released him for the same reasons.

The following is a Q&A with Wyatt Houston about his experiences as one of the top high school football players in Oregon during his time at Horizon Christian High School.

Q: Horizon Christian HS is the smallest (enrollment wise) 3A school in Oregon. How were you able to get the attention of some of the top colleges in the country?

WH: “I was able to draw attention from college coaches because I was a multi sport athlete with good grades. I had good size and athleticism, and I put myself out there in front of coaches any chance I was given. My coaches at Horizon we’re also instrumental in preparing me for college and also helping me during the recruiting process.”

Q: How did playing multiple sports help you?

WH: “Growing up I played football, basketball and baseball. Being a multi sport athlete is what makes great players in any sport in my opinion. If you only play one sport, then you are only using those tools that are required to play that sport. However if you play multiple sports, you are adding that much more to your toolbox for both sports. I regret not playing a third sport at Horizon Christian.”

Q: After your 9th grade year at a 6A public high school you transferred to Horizon Christian HS. What were some of the pro’s and cons of going from a large school to a smaller school like Horizon Christian?

WH: “One of the pros for me was that there were a lot less distractions while in school. After school I was still able to hangout with my friends from West Linn. Another pro was really getting to be coached. When I was at West Linn there were so many kids that I didn’t feel like I was learning as much in the classroom and on my sports teams. Some of the cons were that there was always a question of whether we would have enough kids for certain sports teams.

Q: What were some concerns you had about playing football at a smaller school like Horizon vs West Linn?

WH: “My only concern was if there would be enough competition. However there was plenty and I was really able to grow as an athlete. No matter where you play, there will always be games where the other team isn’t quite as good. During my time at Horizon, we were always competing with tough teams.”

Q: What would you say about those who think that the only way to be noticed by colleges or be offered a FBS - D1 scholarship is to attend the biggest or best high school in the area?

WH: “Not true at all. It doesn’t matter what school you play at. It matters what you do for your high school. You have to be a great teammate and leader for your high school before a college would think about giving out a scholarship to a kid. Once you are the best teammate and leader for your teams, then it’s about putting yourself in front of college coaches and having high school coaches who will endorse you.”

Q: What were some of your favorite memories about playing sports at Horizon Christian?

WH: “My favorite memories from sports at Horizon Christian are getting to play for great coaches like Coach Crace and Coach Brown. Having the opportunity to play with so many great teammates that I had in both football and basketball. I also enjoyed reaching the playoffs all three years in football and winning 2 state championships in basketball.”

Q: How did your experience at Horizon Christian HS prepare you for college?

WH: “It prepared me in so many ways, however the relationships that I built at horizon and always being able to count on those people to help me with whatever came my way throughout college was the most important. My relationship with Coach Crace is one that I will always cherish.”

Q: What are some of your career and personal plans for the future?

WH: “I am currently starting my new career in the medical field. I am an associate sales rep for American Medical Concepts. I am engaged to my beautiful fiancé and could not be more excited to marry her and start our future family together!”

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