Academic All-State Awards

May 19, 2017
By Dan Clements

At Horizon Christian School the blend of academic rigor and excellence, competitive athletics, and growing excellence in our arts programs make for a place Where Everybody Is Somebody and Jesus Is All. In this commitment to the pursuit of excellence that glorifies God and highlights the talents and abilities of our amazing students, teachers and administration Horizon again receives top honors in our conference and in the state of Oregon. The Oregon State Athletic Association has just released the Academic All-State Awards for arts and athletics for the Spring, recognizing the average GPA of each in their respective arts and athletic programs. We could not be more proud of our students. Take a look at these amazing rankings!

Academic All-State Awards


Baseball: 1st Place All Levels (1A-6A) - 3.67 GPA

Boys Track & Field: 1st Place 3A (5th in State All Levels) - 3.60

Girls Track & Field: 5th Place 3A - 3.57


Choir: 1st Place 3A - 3.63

Our Horizon Christian Hawks are truly soaring at all levels and we celebrate their hard work.

photo credit: Lynn Olson & Scott Olson

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Everything We Were Looking For & More

April 19, 2017
By Brad Peterson

As a father of 3 Horizon students in the elementary, middle and high school, as well as both a local Pastor and Professional Christian Counselor, I can fully and enthusiastically endorse Horizon Christian School. Our family moved to the area 3 years ago and were seeking, first and foremost, a quality, Christian education for our kids. Secondly, we wanted them to have a wide variety of fun and challenging extra-curricular activities to round out their overall school experience. Thirdly, we wanted them to have a relationally safe and friendly environment where they were known, accepted and free to thrive as individuals, without the typical peer-pressures to conform, clique-up...or worse.

Horizon has proven to be all those things and more! The campus culture created by administration, faculty, and staff is biblically based, committed to our students’ best, and family-centered in every aspect. My wife and I were welcomed and encouraged to participate in chapels, field trips, sports events, fund-raisers, newcomer events, celebrations, etc. We have volunteered as speakers, coaches, chaperones, drivers, and been part of crews for set-up, clean-up, welcoming new families, or simply praying for the school. Because of her unique background and education, my wife began to substitute teach and, this year, joined the faculty as one of their middle school Bible teachers—a role she truly cherishes and is grateful to fulfill at Horizon!

Horizon is a school born out of the vision of a single, local church, and remains grounded and supported by their leadership and congregation. However, it has a wide appeal to local families, whether they are unchurched or involved in any one of a wide-variety of local churches and denominations. As deeply rooted as we are in another local church, we love being a family of “Hawks” and know our children are receiving the very best blend in their school experience—from academics, to activities, to friendships . . . all in a safe, fun, Jesus-centered environment! We could not ask for more!


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A Place of Opportunity

April 13, 2017
By Grace Burgess

Horizon has been a place of so many new and amazing opportunities for me.

I started my freshman year knowing absolutely nobody and I was welcomed into the community with open arms. Not knowing anyone scared me and I was very quiet starting freshman year, but I was able to become more confident in who I am in Christ and do things today I never thought were possible.

All of the students, teachers, and staff show a genuine care and interest in the well being of one another, and feeling that as a new student pushed me to become who I am now.

I am so glad I made the choice to go to Horizon and I know my life would be drastically different if I hadn't.

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Hawk Heritage Interview with Micah Clements

April 06, 2017
By Sarah Otteson

Hawk Heritage Interview with Micah Clements
Age: 14
Grade: 8th
Favorite Food: Chow Mein
Favorite Hobby: Youtubing/Editing Videos
Role Model: Bill Gates

HH: How have you seen yourself grow this year?

MC: “I've seen myself grow this year socially and academically. The part that has been the most fun about being at Horizon Christian is that I can connect with a lot of people including my teachers.

HH: What's been the most fun about being at Horizon?

MC: “The friends I’ve made at Horizon are amazing. I feel like they always have my back. I love how no one is ever left out, and everyone is always included. Once I got the feel for a smaller school and saw the personal connection difference between private and public, I actually realized that I can make a big difference that is impacting.”

HH: Why did you want to be ASB President?

MC: “I wanted to be ASB president because I saw things, from an outsider's perspective that could make Horizon better. Seeing how they have been improved now, and watching the school blossom is amazing. At first I thought becoming president would make me the bad guy. But to be honest I was still in the public school mindset. Here, I haven't been neglected, I have been accepted!”

HH: What do you love most about middle school?

MC: “Middle school is a fun couple years. I love being the big kid at school (8th grade) and watching as others grow. Being here with friends and having so much fun together is very exciting.”

HH: What is the best part about an ordinary day at Horizon Christian?

MC: "The best part at this middle school is that we get to learn about God and dive deeper into His practices with Bible class. Not having to worry about talking about your relationship with Christ is amazing. I love our great middle school teachers. It is usually easy to find just one teacher that is your favorite, but to be honest, it is so hard and there is like a 6 way tie!”

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Meet Mr. Espinoza

March 21, 2017
By Sarah Otteson

Our culture at Horizon Christian is intentional. We are blessed with compassionate, caring and competent instructors who are committed to inspiring and equipping each student.

You may have heard his name from students talking over homework, or seen him between classes catching a slice of pie from the Teacher's Lounge, but we are delighted to introduce you to Richard Espinoza.

Richard Espinoza teaches Honors Algebra 2, Pre-Calculus, Trigonometry, Calculus and Statistics. He also heads up our National Honor Society and Dual Credit Program.

“I am completing my tenth year at Horizon after 33 years in the public school. It has truly been a blessing to serve the Horizon Community. I believe I was called here. I remember first hearing of Pastor Stan’s vision for a great Christian high school.

10 years later, I have seen how that vision has progressed. We have a great staff that truly cares about our students. There are growth opportunities for students athletically, academically, in the arts, and Spiritually. Are we done? I know we are not! As a staff and administration, we continually strive to make Horizon a better place for our students.

One of our “Early College” programs has been the Dual Credit Program. Through a partnership with Portland Community College and the Oregon Institute of Technology, Horizon students have opportunities to earn up to 37 college quarter credit in Math, English, and Business. These are actual college classes. We are certified by PCC and OIT for this special partnership. In an age of rising college costs, this is a wonderful benefit for our families. These credits are transferable to any college in the Oregon University System. Other private colleges have also accepted these credits.

Lastly, Horizon has been truly a blessing to me. I know I have grown spiritually and in my walk with Jesus. I truly look forward to each day I come to work. The last ten years has been my best ten years. I get to share Jesus with young people! What a blessing.”


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