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October 10, 2019
By Pastor Roger Levasa

Horizon Christian School and Wilsonville Little League are excited to announce a partnership that will inspire and equip kids in our communities.We are improving our Horizon Christian HS baseball facilities with a NEW state of the art synthetic infield and grass out field.

The new synthetic surface will allow our Wilsonville Little League and Horizon Christian School teams to practice and play America’s favorite pastime, year round.We are excited about the opportunity to work alongside Wilsonville Little League to serve each of our kids and families.  

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Academic All-State Awards

May 19, 2017
By Dan Clements

At Horizon Christian School the blend of academic rigor and excellence, competitive athletics, and growing excellence in our arts programs make for a place Where Everybody Is Somebody and Jesus Is All. In this commitment to the pursuit of excellence that glorifies God and highlights the talents and abilities of our amazing students, teachers and administration Horizon again receives top honors in our conference and in the state of Oregon. The Oregon State Athletic Association has just released the Academic All-State Awards for arts and athletics for the Spring, recognizing the average GPA of each in their respective arts and athletic programs. We could not be more proud of our students. Take a look at these amazing rankings!

Academic All-State Awards


Baseball: 1st Place All Levels (1A-6A) - 3.67 GPA

Boys Track & Field: 1st Place 3A (5th in State All Levels) - 3.60

Girls Track & Field: 5th Place 3A - 3.57


Choir: 1st Place 3A - 3.63

Our Horizon Christian Hawks are truly soaring at all levels and we celebrate their hard work.

photo credit: Lynn Olson & Scott Olson

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A Place of Opportunity

April 13, 2017
By Grace Burgess

Horizon has been a place of so many new and amazing opportunities for me.

I started my freshman year knowing absolutely nobody and I was welcomed into the community with open arms. Not knowing anyone scared me and I was very quiet starting freshman year, but I was able to become more confident in who I am in Christ and do things today I never thought were possible.

All of the students, teachers, and staff show a genuine care and interest in the well being of one another, and feeling that as a new student pushed me to become who I am now.

I am so glad I made the choice to go to Horizon and I know my life would be drastically different if I hadn't.

To RSVP for the Annual Hawk Heritage Fundraising Breakfast click HERE

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Meet Mr. Espinoza

March 21, 2017
By Sarah Otteson

Our culture at Horizon Christian is intentional. We are blessed with compassionate, caring and competent instructors who are committed to inspiring and equipping each student.

You may have heard his name from students talking over homework, or seen him between classes catching a slice of pie from the Teacher's Lounge, but we are delighted to introduce you to Richard Espinoza.

Richard Espinoza teaches Honors Algebra 2, Pre-Calculus, Trigonometry, Calculus and Statistics. He also heads up our National Honor Society and Dual Credit Program.

“I am completing my tenth year at Horizon after 33 years in the public school. It has truly been a blessing to serve the Horizon Community. I believe I was called here. I remember first hearing of Pastor Stan’s vision for a great Christian high school.

10 years later, I have seen how that vision has progressed. We have a great staff that truly cares about our students. There are growth opportunities for students athletically, academically, in the arts, and Spiritually. Are we done? I know we are not! As a staff and administration, we continually strive to make Horizon a better place for our students.

One of our “Early College” programs has been the Dual Credit Program. Through a partnership with Portland Community College and the Oregon Institute of Technology, Horizon students have opportunities to earn up to 37 college quarter credit in Math, English, and Business. These are actual college classes. We are certified by PCC and OIT for this special partnership. In an age of rising college costs, this is a wonderful benefit for our families. These credits are transferable to any college in the Oregon University System. Other private colleges have also accepted these credits.

Lastly, Horizon has been truly a blessing to me. I know I have grown spiritually and in my walk with Jesus. I truly look forward to each day I come to work. The last ten years has been my best ten years. I get to share Jesus with young people! What a blessing.”


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Horizon Christian Security Updates

January 20, 2017
By Sarah Otteson


Horizon has continually worked to upgrade our emergency preparedness. This year we have made major strides in our response to natural disasters. For instance, we filled over a dozen backpacks with critical items our staff and students would need in the event of us not being able to return to the school. These bags have been assigned to staff members who bring them any time we have drills that take the students outside of the buildings.

Our next step is to prepare for an active shooter threat on campus. We have done lockdown drills for many years but more recently law enforcement has changed how they want schools to respond to these situations.

Today we were joined by our School Resource Officers from the Tualatin Police Department for a “live” active shooter drill. This began with a 20 minute informative seminar in the gym.  Staff and students heard the steps we are taking to stay effective and organized in an active shooter emergency situation. Following the seminar students returned to class where we proceeded with the live drill. This involved the staff and students using information given to them to make the appropriate decision to keep them away from harm. This drill included some artificial gun shots from a starter's pistol to aide in the effectiveness of the drill. Following the drill, the staff and students debriefed back in the gym with the School Resource Officers.

We are grateful for the partnership we have with the Tualatin Police Department and their willingness to assist in educating our Horizon Christian students and staff. While we do not anticipate a real scenario of this nature unfolding, we continue to take the steps to make sure we are prepared.

If you have any questions or concerns please email our Dean of Students: Scott Olson at

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Kick like a Girl

October 20, 2016
By Sarah Otteson



This season for the first time ever in the history of Horizon we have suited and fielded a female athlete on our Horizon Christian Varsity Football Team! 

Standing at 5'3'' with blonde wavy locks, Mikayla Weber is quite the force to be reckoned with! While she has played soccer most of her life, this year she took on an additional role and joined the Football team as their kicker. We had the opportunity to sit down with her and get some insight on her season suiting up as a football player. 

Why did you decide to join the team? 

I was inspired to try something new. It is fun just being able to go out there and get to kick and be with the guys! I decided to join the team because I thought, "Why not?" It's my senior year and why not give it a shot. I love to play soccer and thought it would be fun getting to know people and have a good start for the year!

What is your go to Gatorade? 

My favorite gatorade flavor is frost. 

Any pointers you could give on being a kicker? 

I don't have any secrets for my strategy but to put all of my power into the football and kick with my laces, not my toe. Never kick with your toe, ever! 

What challenges do you face?

Haha, my biggest challenge is missing a field goal kick, and the pressure. 

What gear do you suit up in?

I wear soccer cleats! They are way lighter and not heavy. The lighter, the better. When I wore all of the football gear I stopped complaining about my shin guards I wear at practice for soccer because it's basically nothing compared to wearing pads and a helmet!!

What kind of training is necessary for being a kicker?

PE helps me keep my body healthy and strong. And soccer really helps me keep in shape and gives me the power that I can give and help for kicking the football!


Go Hawks!


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Meet Josh Platt

May 24, 2016
By District

When I think about how Horizon has impacted me as both a former student and now a staff member, two things come to mind.

The first is opportunity.
As a student I had never been exposed to as many opportunities to pursue my God-given talents as I was at Horizon. Whether that be working with student government, running track and field, or attending chapel, I had countless opportunities to grow academically, athletically, and spiritually.

The second is that Horizon is like a family.
As a student I instantly felt a difference in the atmosphere. The comradery and depth of relationship between teachers, students, and coaches was like none that I had ever been a part of before. Now, as a teacher, I have the opportunity to impact my students by helping them see what they can accomplish when they put their all into what they’re doing, with a whole community of parents, teachers, peers, and coaches behind them. 


Mr. Platt is the High School Athletic Development Coach teaching Athletic PE and Health.

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What is DECA?

March 22, 2016
By Sarah Otteson


One of the great strengths Horizon holds in our academic offerings is DECA, an extracurricular program that has championed our incredibly hard-working and innovative students at HCHS for nearly a decade. At Horizon DECA is led by Mr. Mike Gump. He shared his thoughts with us earlier this week:

"Carrie Carlson and I volunteer to be DECA advisors at Horizon Christian High School simply because of the impact that we believe DECA has on our students. DECA gives our students a confidence and a 'presence' to interview, solve problems, present their solutions, role play, present prepared promotion plans, advertising campaigns, business plans, innovation ideas, service projects, start-ups, and  creative projects. This is a confidence that is difficult to duplicate just within the classroom and this self-assurance empowers our students to pitch their ideas to get that job, keep that job, and then reach their full potential in their career. 

We had 30 students at Horizon join DECA this year and 21 students compete at DECA State Competition (Oregon Career Development Conference). We won more medallions at this year's competition than ever before in the history of Horizon Christian High School. We are both very proud of our DECA team!"

For more information on DECA email Mike Gump at


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Horizon Students Recognized at Scholar Athlete Banquet

March 07, 2016
By District

Six Horizon students were recognized in February at the 55th Scholar Athlete Banquet.  Ryan Sederstrom, Robbie Cain, Parker Johnstone, Sandis Chhay, Moustapha Toure, Noah Lubben, and Weston Groth were chosen based on their cummulative GPA of 3.0 or higher and being first or second team all league.  This picture is an historic record of the most ever nominees from Horizon!

pictured left to right:
Roger Levasa, Ryan Sederstrom, Bill Smethurst, Robbie Cain, Parker Johnstone, Sandis Chhay, Moustpha Toure, George Crace. (Not pictured: Noah Lubben and Weston Groth)

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Spring Sports Begin

March 02, 2016
By District

Horizon Track & Field is starting this season off with a bang! Thanks to all who came out for the Road Runner Fundraiser this week.
Go Hawks!

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Hawks Soar to State

February 24, 2016
By District

CONGRATULATIONS to our Horizon Christian Varsity Boys Basketball Team on blazing through the end of their regular season plus earning their ninth consecutive berth into the OSAA 3A State Basketball Tournament. This is an unprecedented accomplishment in the 3A and may be an OSAA record. GO HAWKS!

Earlier this week, Coach Dave Brown shared his thoughts with us on the team and their journey this season. 

What is unique about this team?
"Our team this year is a young team that has really bonded together and improved as the season developed."

What were the stakes to arrive at this point? 
"The team had to win both games of District in order to qualify for State. A loss would mean we were out. We were able to win both and qualify."

How is the team feeling about this next game? 
"The team is working hard in preparation for Blanchet and feels confident we can give it our best effort."

How does Horizon's history affect your vision for leading the team? 
"Our vision for Horizon Basketball has been the same from day one. We want to play hard, play smart, play as a team, and most importantly play in a way that glorifies God."

Come cheer for our Hawks Saturday, Feb 27 @ Blanchett Catholic School 5:00 PM


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Signing with Portland State

February 17, 2016
By District

We are so very excited to share in the honor of Moustapha Toure's signing with Portland State!  Moustapha is one of our amazing international students who has been with us from the Ivory Coast for the four years of his high school career. His leadership plus heart have been a gift to Horizon.  We are so proud of you! 

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Saving on College Tuition

November 23, 2015
By District

Twenty-seven percent of Horizon High School students are enrolled in dual credit courses this semester.  Dual credit is available in pre-calculus, calculus, statistics, writing, and economics.  Students completing the dual credit program will earn 38 quarter hour college credits.  For a Horizon graduate going to George Fox University they will transfer in with the equivalent of 25 semester hour college credits.  That is a savings of $18,258 in tuition, not including the cost of fees and books.  Students who choose to attend Oregon State University will save $10,754 with their dual credit courses, not including the cost of fees and books.  Horizon’s dual credit program saves families nearly one year of college tuition!

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HCHS Leader in Dual Credit Courses

April 22, 2014
By District
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