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God met every need

April 30, 2018
By Sarah Otteson

"My husband and I initially saw video clips about the school two years before actually attending. I don’t remember where we saw it or exactly what it said that caught our attention but it tugged at our hearts. At the time, we were in the Lake Oswego Public School system; supposedly the best in the state. For many reasons, too long to share here, we weren’t impressed. We had believed that private school was a long shot especially while we were paying very expensive daycare costs. But we continued to have the discussions. A few months went by and we saw the same video clip. This time we were church shopping and decided that if we wanted to go to Horizon as a school then we should get to know the community it was connected too.

That was September 2016 and we haven’t left.

God met EVERY need.

At the same time our daughter was leaving daycare, the school was offering Variable Tuition. The cost of what we were paying for daycare would put both kids in private school. For us this made it where there were no excuses. 


Our son Dorian was VERY vocal that he didn’t want to go. He doesn’t like change much. With a little convincing to just try a shadow day so that we could have a family discussion about the whole thing, he agreed. Since that shadow day he will tell you how much he LOVES Horizon. He had to go! He listed all the reasons that he wanted to go. He would come home every day after public school to say that he couldn’t wait to attend Horizon. He saw the difference in the school, the teachers, the students. They all wanted to be there and supported one another. On the playground, it wasn’t a matter of who do I exclude but how do we include others. 

Our family loves the community and partnership we have in Horizon, as a school and as a church. Our family is thriving. It’s not always perfect, no place or person is. But the biggest difference is that all our hearts are in it. We all have the best of intentions to work together for the best of everyone. It’s a partnership of growing together. It takes a village to raise a family! Our family has chosen Horizon to be our home. Support and Love for each part of the family through Jesus Christ. “Everybody is somebody and Jesus is All” (Luke 15:20)"

Cliff, Elisabeth, Dorian (Grade 5), Adrielle (Kindergarten), Kazuki Yokomizo (ISP Japan)- Grade 10


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Three Horizon Christian Students Raise Over 1K

February 03, 2017
By Sarah Otteson


During Christmas break, Heath Placek received a call from Dr. Ryan Nienaber, a chiropractor in the area. He shared that his son, Noah, and two other boys from Horizon Christian School, had spearheaded a fundraiser on behalf of Love INC as part of their class’s service project program. They wanted to invite us to receive the proceeds at their next chapel service.

Ryan shared that Noah personally selected Love INC because of his parent’s past involvement with the organization and because he believed in the mission of mobilizing local churches to help people in need. Noah and his buddies had channeled their belief in the cause of Christ and began selling candy canes and hot chocolate at school throughout the winter. That soon spread like wildfire as kids began bringing donations from home. When it was all said and done, Noah and company had raised $1,035!

At the check-giving ceremony, Principal Judi Smith remarked that “she had never seen God light them up so much. The three boys made so many sacrifices in order to fundraise, even giving up recess many times over to plan their next steps.”

Love INC is so grateful for this example of sacrificial love and generosity. It truly is a remarkable testimony to what God can do through younger up-and-coming generations.

“Don't let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity.”- 1 Timothy 4:12


This article was originally posted by Love INC.

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Horizon Math Champs

March 21, 2016
By Sarah Otteson


This year 50 of our brilliant Horizon Christian Elementary students participated weekly in the Continental Mathematics League. We are so proud to have seen 18 medal winners place in the national competition this month! All participants greatly increased their math stamina and problem-solving abilities. 

When Continental Mathematics League began in 1980, they hoped their leagues and contests would be a valuable supplement to our nation's public and private school programs.  They felt the leagues and contests would aid schools in helping their students improve their reading comprehension and problem-solving skills.  And 31 years later the leagues and contests continue to generate student participation and excitement.

At Horizon, math challenges students in grades 3, 4 & 5 to participate in the Continental Math League. Each week they practice problem-solving strategies in a collaborative environment.  There are 5 monthly meets or competitions per year with awards given in March.  

We are so grateful to Mrs. Deb Stoner for leading our students above and beyond in their studies and academic accomplishments. She is one of many amazing educators at Horizon making a serious impact on this generation. 

For more information, see CMLeague or contact Mrs. Deb Stoner, our Curriculum Specialist.


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New Elementary Music Teacher

January 18, 2016
By District

Mrs. Christee Wise comes to Horizon Elementary with a wonderful music teaching resume.  She also works part time as an administrator in George Fox University's education department. Come and meet her at our Family Night on Thursday, February 4th.

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