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Hawk Heritage Interview with Micah Clements

April 06, 2017
By Sarah Otteson

Hawk Heritage Interview with Micah Clements
Age: 14
Grade: 8th
Favorite Food: Chow Mein
Favorite Hobby: Youtubing/Editing Videos
Role Model: Bill Gates

HH: How have you seen yourself grow this year?

MC: “I've seen myself grow this year socially and academically. The part that has been the most fun about being at Horizon Christian is that I can connect with a lot of people including my teachers.

HH: What's been the most fun about being at Horizon?

MC: “The friends I’ve made at Horizon are amazing. I feel like they always have my back. I love how no one is ever left out, and everyone is always included. Once I got the feel for a smaller school and saw the personal connection difference between private and public, I actually realized that I can make a big difference that is impacting.”

HH: Why did you want to be ASB President?

MC: “I wanted to be ASB president because I saw things, from an outsider's perspective that could make Horizon better. Seeing how they have been improved now, and watching the school blossom is amazing. At first I thought becoming president would make me the bad guy. But to be honest I was still in the public school mindset. Here, I haven't been neglected, I have been accepted!”

HH: What do you love most about middle school?

MC: “Middle school is a fun couple years. I love being the big kid at school (8th grade) and watching as others grow. Being here with friends and having so much fun together is very exciting.”

HH: What is the best part about an ordinary day at Horizon Christian?

MC: "The best part at this middle school is that we get to learn about God and dive deeper into His practices with Bible class. Not having to worry about talking about your relationship with Christ is amazing. I love our great middle school teachers. It is usually easy to find just one teacher that is your favorite, but to be honest, it is so hard and there is like a 6 way tie!”

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Hawk Heritage: The Russell Family

May 04, 2016
By District

We love Horizon Christian Schools!


Our kids were blessed through the years by the amazing teachers and the safe loving Christian atmosphere at Horizon. Our son attended from preschool through eighth grade, as the high school was not yet started, and our daughter attended from preschool all the way through high school graduation.

One of the greatest memories for us as parents was pulling up to the high school one morning to drop our daughter off for school and hearing her say, "I love this place!" The academics, sports, extracurricular activities and the most important factor, the greatest friends who loved Jesus at Horizon Christian Schools, were all wonderful blessings for our family.

Horizon is a family. From our personal experiences we whole-heartedly recommend the Horizon Christian Schools life. Come join the family!


Lead Pastor Stan and Karen Russell, Horizon Community Church


Pastor Stan is the visionary leader of Horizon Community Church and Horizon Christian Schools.

Hawk Heritage: The Crace Family

April 29, 2016
By Sarah Otteson

Horizon Christian High School was like our 5th child!

When Donna and I were asked to help start Horizon Christian High School, it truly became a labor of love but we didn't labor for 9 months; this birth took place over the course of a full year and one month from September 2005 to October 2006. Donna started working enrollment for Horizon in September of 2005 and I came on board as Principal in January of 2006. I still remember being very excited the morning of Monday, October 2nd, 2006 when a group of 77 new high school students entered through the doors of Horizon Christian High School. They were the first 9th, 10th and 11th graders to hear the words, "Building Scholars and Champions!" The school was our baby and like the proud parents we are of our own 4 children, the high school became a 5th child for us so to speak.

And that fall, we soon coined another term: "A Champion's Heart is a Christ-like Heart." Right from the beginning, God blessed our school with young men and women with incredbile Christ-like hearts. We knew that it would take some time to prove that our school would also produce scholars, artists, musicians, athletes and future Christian leaders. But the heart of education lies in the education of the heart and our first group of students proved to be heart-felt learners right from the start.  The school had to earn its stripes and we passed the test and received our first accreditation from the state of Oregon. A year later, our first group of seniors graduated and began going on to college where they have been graduating in fields like engineering, social servies, science, and medicine! Now, ten years later, students from Horizon Christian who take our dual credit classes can graduate with 38 college credits to take with them prior to entering their university of choice. These dual credit classes can save a Horizon family up to the cost of a full year of college tuition. Donna and I think our 5th child deserves a very big "ATTAWAY!"

Hawk Heritage: The Smith Family

April 28, 2016
By Sarah Otteson

Our adult lives have touched Christian education from just about ever angle.

We have both taught at Christian schools; we enrolled all three of our children in Christian schools at different times in different cities; we have supported Christian schools with our finances, leadership and time; and, have seen two of our children graduate from Christian colleges. We have witnessed, up close and personal, the true value of those experiences!

No, a private Christian school was not our only choice over the years, but it was the best choice for us. We were always confident that our kids were getting a unity of message -- that what we were trying to teach and model at home was also being encouraged at school. We always knew that the teacher's interest in our children went beyond the professional requirements. They cared deeply for our kids and our family inside and outside the classroom.

Our children are now grown and starting families of their own. As we enter the grandparent-phase of life, we're thankful for not only the privilege of exposing our children to private, Christian education, but also seeing it reward them with healthy lives. As they build relationships, careers, and raise their own children, no doubt their past school experiences will 'pay it forward' and offer them the same rich experiences.

We are planning on attending the Hawk Heritage Giving Society Breakfast on May 5th and hope you will join us!

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