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Horizon Math Champs

March 21, 2016
By Sarah Otteson


This year 50 of our brilliant Horizon Christian Elementary students participated weekly in the Continental Mathematics League. We are so proud to have seen 18 medal winners place in the national competition this month! All participants greatly increased their math stamina and problem-solving abilities. 

When Continental Mathematics League began in 1980, they hoped their leagues and contests would be a valuable supplement to our nation's public and private school programs.  They felt the leagues and contests would aid schools in helping their students improve their reading comprehension and problem-solving skills.  And 31 years later the leagues and contests continue to generate student participation and excitement.

At Horizon, math challenges students in grades 3, 4 & 5 to participate in the Continental Math League. Each week they practice problem-solving strategies in a collaborative environment.  There are 5 monthly meets or competitions per year with awards given in March.  

We are so grateful to Mrs. Deb Stoner for leading our students above and beyond in their studies and academic accomplishments. She is one of many amazing educators at Horizon making a serious impact on this generation. 

For more information, see CMLeague or contact Mrs. Deb Stoner, our Curriculum Specialist.


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