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Hawk Heritage: The Russell Family

May 04, 2016
By District

We love Horizon Christian Schools!


Our kids were blessed through the years by the amazing teachers and the safe loving Christian atmosphere at Horizon. Our son attended from preschool through eighth grade, as the high school was not yet started, and our daughter attended from preschool all the way through high school graduation.

One of the greatest memories for us as parents was pulling up to the high school one morning to drop our daughter off for school and hearing her say, "I love this place!" The academics, sports, extracurricular activities and the most important factor, the greatest friends who loved Jesus at Horizon Christian Schools, were all wonderful blessings for our family.

Horizon is a family. From our personal experiences we whole-heartedly recommend the Horizon Christian Schools life. Come join the family!


Lead Pastor Stan and Karen Russell, Horizon Community Church


Pastor Stan is the visionary leader of Horizon Community Church and Horizon Christian Schools.