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Meet Josh Platt

May 24, 2016
By District

When I think about how Horizon has impacted me as both a former student and now a staff member, two things come to mind.

The first is opportunity.
As a student I had never been exposed to as many opportunities to pursue my God-given talents as I was at Horizon. Whether that be working with student government, running track and field, or attending chapel, I had countless opportunities to grow academically, athletically, and spiritually.

The second is that Horizon is like a family.
As a student I instantly felt a difference in the atmosphere. The comradery and depth of relationship between teachers, students, and coaches was like none that I had ever been a part of before. Now, as a teacher, I have the opportunity to impact my students by helping them see what they can accomplish when they put their all into what they’re doing, with a whole community of parents, teachers, peers, and coaches behind them. 


Mr. Platt is the High School Athletic Development Coach teaching Athletic PE and Health.

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