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Horizon Christian Security Updates

January 20, 2017
By Sarah Otteson


Horizon has continually worked to upgrade our emergency preparedness. This year we have made major strides in our response to natural disasters. For instance, we filled over a dozen backpacks with critical items our staff and students would need in the event of us not being able to return to the school. These bags have been assigned to staff members who bring them any time we have drills that take the students outside of the buildings.

Our next step is to prepare for an active shooter threat on campus. We have done lockdown drills for many years but more recently law enforcement has changed how they want schools to respond to these situations.

Today we were joined by our School Resource Officers from the Tualatin Police Department for a “live” active shooter drill. This began with a 20 minute informative seminar in the gym.  Staff and students heard the steps we are taking to stay effective and organized in an active shooter emergency situation. Following the seminar students returned to class where we proceeded with the live drill. This involved the staff and students using information given to them to make the appropriate decision to keep them away from harm. This drill included some artificial gun shots from a starter's pistol to aide in the effectiveness of the drill. Following the drill, the staff and students debriefed back in the gym with the School Resource Officers.

We are grateful for the partnership we have with the Tualatin Police Department and their willingness to assist in educating our Horizon Christian students and staff. While we do not anticipate a real scenario of this nature unfolding, we continue to take the steps to make sure we are prepared.

If you have any questions or concerns please email our Dean of Students: Scott Olson at

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