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Horizon Student Crowned Miss Teen Oregon

March 22, 2018
By Hawk Heritage & Jaycie Forrester

On October 8th 2017, Horizon Christian High School Junior Jaycie Forrester won the Miss Oregon Teen USA pageant. Unlike her competitors, Jaycie had never participated or competed in a beauty pageant. In this exclusive interview with Hawk Heritage Newletter, Jaycie reveals why her ascension to Miss Oregon Teen USA was much more than a leap of faith... Success leaves clues. See if you can identify some of the clues to Jaycie’s success.

Jaycie Forrester = JF

Hawk Heritage = HH


HH - When did you first begin competing in competitions like Ms Teen Oregon?

JF - The Miss Oregon Teen USA was the frst time I began to compete in pageants

HH - When was your thought process in deciding to compete for Ms Teen Oregon?

JF - I am always looking to improve my future and so one day I was searching online for scholarship opportunities towards my college education and the Miss Oregon Teen pageant was one of the first things that popped up! I immediately called the directors and had a two hour phone interview with them before they accepted me.

HH - What surprised you about your Ms Oregon Teen pageant competition?

JF - When most people thinks of beauty pageants their first thought is big hair, lots of makeup, and big gowns. I mean all of those are definitely a part, but the more I learned about the Miss Universe Organization (MUO) the more I realized it had a lot to do with how you carry and present yourself in front of others. I also like that there was lot of focus on our interests and intelligence.

HH - What was most fun about the Ms Oregon Teen experience?

JF - I would have to say it was actually the competition. I’m a competetive person. Whether in athletics or academics, the thrill and adrenaline rush I get from competing is so invigorating. Competing in the pageant made me want to keep that feeling going as long as I could.

HH - What was most challenging for you during the Ms Oregon Teen experience?

JF - The most challenging was making sure I didn’t tear myself down. The girls I competed against have been involved in pageants for years and knew everything about the pageant world, and all I knew was the basics. I knew I had to focus on being me and have God help me along the way.

HH - What did you learn or discover about yourself during the months and weeks of preparing for and competing in Ms Oregon Teen?

JF - I learned that staying true myself and focusing on who I am is very important. Whether it comes to competitions like the Miss Oregon Teen USA or in my everyday life, I had to be myself.

HH - You are also very involved at Horizon in sports and the student government. What did you enjoy most about your basketball experience at Horizon Christian?

JF - I loved how close our girls basketball team were and all the new friendships that came out of it. I was new to the sport and was so nervous to even try, but all my coaches and teammates were super supportive and helpful. As I became more comfortable with playing basketball, it made me love the sport even more.

HH - What is it about the ASB that appealed to you and made you want to be an ASB officer?

JF - Horizon Christian School has been my home since 1st grade, so I always try to give back in any way I can. When I figured out there was a student government that is fully invested in the school, I knew it was going to be a perfect fit for me.

HH - What are your TOP 3 best things about being a student at Horizon Christian HS?

JF - 1. The relationshhips that are made with my classmates and teachers. I love how close of  a community it is and how I can walk through the hallways and be able to recognize all the friendly faces.

2. All the opportunities the school provides is amazing and how willing they are to add any new clubs or sports that we can. From sports to clubs to student government, they make it possible for students to be involved in it all.

3. Horizon Christian has made it possible for me to express my faith in any school function, sport or class. I never have to be afraid to share my faith with anyone, which is so freeing and an amazing community to be a part of. 

Jaycie has (4.0 GPA), participates in 3 varsity sports, is a member of student government and will enroll at Boise State, George Fox or Washington State U, as she pursues a  career with the FBI as a Criminal Profiler. A career Jaycie has dreamt of since the 8th grade. If past performance is any indication of future results, bank on Jaycie trading in her title of Ms Oregon Teen for Special Agent Jaycie Forrester.