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Elementary/Middle School

Our K-8 art program introduces all students at their age level to concepts such as principles and elements of design, color theory, drawing & painting basics, history and art criticism.  Students learn both by looking at art by others as well as hands-on work of their own, culminating in a school-wide art show at the end of the year.  Their experience can be enhanced by participating in the after school art program which offers additional opportunities to create.

High School

Horizon Christian High School’s Art classes introduce students to many different styles of art. Art 1 students practice with charcoal, pencil, and pen drawings. They use pastels, acrylic, and water colors for painting as well as being able to create with clay. In Art 2 students move into more advanced techniques as they create sculptures, work with ceramics and learn about mixed media as well.

HCHS has been blessed to have many talented artists, some of whom have gone on to have professional careers in art. Catlin Tran does a masterful job of learning the abilities of her students and shows them ways to express their talents through the various techniques offered. Each year brings new and exciting changes to the classes based on the abilities of the students.