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High School Ensemble

The primary goal of our department is simple: to worship God through music. Whether we’re performing a classical piece, singing a Broadway tune or leading contemporary worship, we look for ways to connect God’s truth to everyday life and bring people heart-to-heart with God.   We know the best musical ambassadors are those who have an understanding of the value of music, choral literature, and style. We work on attaining high musical theory, literacy, and performance skills to be the best musical ambassadors who understand the value of music.  Our concert schedule includes a Christmas celebration in December, as well as a Spring program in May. However, no two years are ever the same, as competitions, chapel events, and musical theater opportunities are incorporated into our curriculum, depending on student goals and specific school-wide activities.

Christmas Choir Concert

Under the direction of Becca Pickrel, the high school ensemble presented their 2015 Christmas concert featuring solos by Jack Shelby, Parker Johnstone, Trevor Pursel, and Abriana Wedin.  A special thanks to Peter Valdez for taking the time to put together the video of this performance.