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Is now a good time to start piano lessons for my child?

Research indicates that the younger a child starts piano lessons, the more benefits he or she derives from it. Children also benefit from the one-on-one attention that piano lessons naturally provide. Preschoolers have so much fun playing for their family and friends- they don’t realize they are applying the concepts of each piano lesson. As they joyfully play the piano songs again and again, they are cementing the building blocks for enhanced learning later in school. Among the benefits of piano lessons are better math scores, better handwriting and better handling of tasks in general. Playing piano even a few minutes a day has many benefits for every child. 

How will American Sign Language, or Spanish help my child?

According to experts, introducing children to second languages should begin as early as possible. For your preschooler, the advantages and benefits of learning multiple languages are: language stimulation and better grasp of conceptual information that enhances vocabulary development, higher scores on standardized tests, (such as the SAT) and stimulates the intellectual development all of which helps children to retain information longer.