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Pre-K Sagert Sagert Campus


Horizon Christian Elementary offers a Pre-Kindergarten program designed for children who will be entering kindergarten the following academic year. Classes offer a strong foundation for Kindergarten success and are taught by a credentialed teacher. Pre-K is offered Monday through Friday mornings (8:30-11:25am) for children who will be five years-old by December 31st of the school year. The class is limited to 18 students.  

The Pre-K program is based upon the development of the whole child. The goal is to engage children in activities that promote spiritual, physical, cognitive, social, and emotional development of children according to each child’s gifts and strengths. We believe children learn as they play and experience the world around them. Learning for children takes place when information is meaningful and connects to their life experience. Therefore, this program provides a balance between teacher-directed and child-directed activities. Children learn best when provided with a variety of stimulating hands-on experiences in which they may freely interact. Therefore, Horizon’s Pre-K program includes free exploration, dramatic play, sensory play, open-ended art, and experiences with engaging materials.

The Pre-K program prepares eligible students for kindergarten with pre-reading, pre-writing, phonemic awareness, basic math concepts and emergent literacy activities.  Students develop positive work habits, practice following directions, learn to work independently and strengthen listening skills through various activities. The curriculum includes visits to the library and music instruction.  Monthly memory verses are learned.  Our goal is to introduce students to school in a setting that brings Life to Learning.