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Staff Directory

Our teaching staff is chosen based on their qualifications (minimum is a BA degree with most attaining a Masters degree), their heart for students, and commitment to Christ-centered principles.  Our entire staff is committed to preparing students for life by nurturing each one as an individual with unique God-given talents and passions.

Elementary School Administrators:

Dan Clements, Head of School & Enrollment
Judi Smith, Principal
Megan Campbell, Admissions & Administrative Director
Shelly Campbell, Arrowsmith Coordinator
Roger Levasa, Campus Pastor & Development Director
Andy Rosen, Athletic Director

Elementary School Support Staff:

Debbie Roberts, Registrar
Sherri Wilent, Office Staff
Susie Churchill, Office Staff
Tiffany Redwing, Admissions Coordinator
  Name Title
Jennifer Adams Adams, Jennifer Elementary School Teacher
Chris Cain Cain, Chris Elementary School Teacher
Megan Campbell Campbell, Megan Admissions & Administrative Director
Susie Churchill Churchill, Susie Office Staff
Dan Clements Clements, Dan Head of School
Heather Daley Daley, Heather Teacher-Librarian
Gwen Johnson Johnson, Gwen Elementary School Teacher
Roger Levasa Levasa, Roger Campus Pastor & Development Director
Minnie Malm Malm, Minnie Elementary School Teacher
Heather Peloquin Peloquin, Heather Elementary School Teacher
Dave Purcell Purcell, Dave Elementary School Teacher
Andrew Rosen Rosen, Andrew Athletic Director & Teacher
Judi Smith Smith, Judi Elementary & Middle School Principal
Lanette Smith Smith, Lanette Elementary & Middle School Teacher
Kristin Stuart Stuart, Kristin Elementary School Teacher
Alissa Wagner Wagner, Alissa Elementary School Teacher
Christee Wise Wise, Christee Elementary & Middle School Teacher