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Dual Credit

Dual credit courses allows students to earn both high school, as well as, transferable college credit. Students may earn up to 47 college credits through our partnership with Oregon Institute of Technology and Portland Community College. Dual credit classes include; Pre-Calculus, Calculus, Statistics, Macro-Economics, College Writing 121 and College Writing 122, Speech 111, Psychology 201 & Psychology 202. The courses receive both high school and college credit upon completion, with a “C” or higher grade. Additionally, students have the opportunity to take any college level class at the Wilsonville OIT campus if admission requirements are met. Oregon Universities are all bound to honor dual credit courses with the receipt of an official college transcript from OIT and/or PCC. Horizon dual credit teachers have met the requirement of a community college teacher. The courses follow the college curriculum, use college textbooks, and college grading standards. Dual credit is uniquely designed to benefit the bright and motivated high school student to earn up to 47 college credits and save on college tuition.
Please refer to the Horizon Curriculum Guide 2019-2020 for more details on specific classes or contact the school at 503-612-6521.

“Our goal is to create students who are ready to pursue whatever path is best for them, and for many, that is a college degree. We are eager to offer a variety of curriculum options to help them with a smooth transition from HCHS to their next step, and provide excellent value for our families.”
– Bill Smethurst, Former Principal

"Dual credit courses gave me insight of what a college classroom looks like.  I saved nearly $15,000 by taking dual credit classes at Horizon. The teachers at Horizon truly care about each student and are willing to offer help because they want to see each student succeed and be prepared for the future."
- Grace Phillips, HCHS Alumni

"Dual credit at Horizon was one of the greatest advantages that I could have gained in high school. Not only was I working on advanced and challenging work but I was getting a head start on my peers.  Dual Credit gives you a better idea of what college will be like, [helps] gain earlier access for registration and even graduate early."
- Jeff Vinje, HCHS Alumni