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High School Athletics

The athletic policy at Horizon Christian Schools reflects our desires to prepare young adults physically as well as mentally. Our priorities are such that academics are first and athletics second. Because of this we have established the following policy to encourage an appropriate student focus on their education.

Horizon Christian Schools hold to the following eligibility guidelines

We will adhere to all OSAA eligibility rules as stated in the OSAA policy handbook.
  • All high school athletes will be subject to all school policy rules of behavior as stated in the student handbook. Representing Horizon Christian High School is a privilege and as such all athletes will follow the highest standards of behavior, dress and grooming as privilege and as such all athletes will follow the highest standards of behavior, dress and grooming as presented by the athletic department.
  • A student must have passed at least 5 classes the previous semester to be eligible for the current semester and the athlete must be enrolled in at least 5 classes in the semester of participation.
  • Horizon Christian High School will place any athlete below a 2.0 GPA or with 1 or more failing grades on academic probation. An athlete will then have 1 grading period to raise the F's and/or bring his GPA up to 2.0. If the athlete does not raise his grades after this period the athlete would be ineligible to participate until such time as he/she does meet the 2.0 no F standard.
  • In addition, any athlete between a 2.0 and 2.5 GPA will be placed on academic evaluation. These students will be evaluated weekly with the intent of helping them progress to a higher GPA level.

Administrative Decisions

  • Administrative disciplinary decisions that may affect eligibility will be handled on a case by case basis.

Other Eligibility Requirements

  • Physical Exam:  All students must have had a physical exam by a doctor or a signed release by their parents and the form filed with the Athletic Director prior to participation in any organized practice. Physical Exams are to be taken during the 9th & 11th grade years.
  • Insurance:  The student will be provided school insurance for sports participation as a part of their athletic fee. The family may not choose the coverage obtained. If they desire another carrier or some form of extended coverage, they must obtain that independently.

For questions, please contact Dave Brown, Athletic Director at Horizon Christian Schools.

Player Conduct and Appearance

The coaching staff expects each player to conduct himself/herself at all times in a way that is consistent with school policy. Such action is intended to eliminate that behavior which would bring disrespect or dishonor to oneself or to the school. Students who play “for the school” are expected to be well-groomed at all times. Players will be expected to exercise courtesy at all times and to avoid criticism of the rival school or mean-spirited taunting of the rival school’s team members.  The head coach will clarify school standards at the beginning of the season.