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At Horizon Christian High School, our instructors, advisors and coaches develop more than a deep understanding of the content they teach or coach, they prepare students for post high school life by emphasizing Christian values and a Christian perspective in all classes, activities and athletics.  

Instruction focuses on the learning needs of each student.  Teachers have been trained in the best instructional practices to activate student learning and to engage in higher order thinking.  Horizon uses multiple sources to assess student academic growth while at Horizon.  Freshmen through Juniors participate in the PSAT each October in preparation for the SAT college entrance exam.  Twice per year, they are assessed with the Measurement of Academic Progress in Language Usage, Reading and Math.  The results of these assessments guide the School Improvement Plan (SIP).  Horizon’s SIP has two goals, improving reading comprehension and establish a standard writing protocol across all grade levels and classes.

Students will be preparing for more than entrance to college.  At Horizon, opportunities abound to serve the community, join an athletic team, sing in the choir, and/or act on the stage.  All are designed to help students discover their Godly gifts, develop their gifts under the tutelage of a Godly mentor, and then activate their talents to honor God. 

Dual credit, earning both high school graduation credits and college credit for a class, is available in multiple subjects at Horizon.  Students may earn Dual Credit in Pre-Calculus, Calculus, Statistics, Honors English awards Writing 121 and 122, and Economics awards Macro- Economics 201. If a student successfully completes all the Dual Credit classes, they will earn (38) thirty-eight college quarter credits that are transferable to any college they attend.  A typical freshmen in college will earn between (36) thirty-six and (45) forty-five quarter credits.

Scott Olson, Principal
Anna Platt, Registrar