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High School Staff Directory

High School Administrators:

Dan Clements, Head of School & Enrollment
Scott Olson, Principal
Dave Brown, Athletic Director
Megan Campbell, Director of Admissions & School Systems
Shelly Campbell, Arrowsmith Director
Roger Levasa, Campus Pastor & Development Director
Timelle Rosen, International Student Director
Bill Smethurst, Professional Development

High School Support Staff:

Michele Leisman, Office Support
Anna Platt, District Support
Tiffany Redwing, Admissions Coodinator & Teacher
Karolyn Steele, Receptionist

Faculty Statistics:

Teaching Staff: 15
Certified Teachers: 10
Teachers w/ Bachelor's Degree: 15
Teachers w/ Master's Degree: 12
Average Teaching Experience: 13.8
Student to Teacher Ratio: 12.5:1

  Name Title
Dave Brown Brown, Dave High School Athletic Director
Craig Burgess Burgess, Craig High School Teacher
Megan Campbell Campbell, Megan Admissions & Administrative Director
Carrie Carlson Carlson, Carrie High School Teacher
Dan Clements Clements, Dan Head of School
Gary Custis Custis, Gary High School Teacher
Vicki Guay Guay, Vicki High School Teacher
Mike Gump Gump, Mike High School Teacher
Kale Kiaunis Kiaunis, Kale High School Teacher
Michele Leisman Leisman, Michele High School Office
Roger Levasa Levasa, Roger Campus Pastor & Development Director
Zach Lucas Lucas, Zach High School Teacher
Scott Olson Olson, Scott High School Principal
Cheryl Ouyang Ouyang, Cheryl High School Teacher
Becca Pickrel Pickrel, Becca High School Teacher
Josh Platt Platt, Josh High School Teacher
Tiffany Redwing Redwing, Tiffany Admissions Coordinator & Teacher
Timelle Rosen Rosen, Timelle International Student Director
Patricia Sawers Sawers, Patricia High School Teacher
Bill Smethurst Smethurst, Bill Professional Development
Karolyn Steele Steele, Karolyn High School Reception
Jennifer Wilber Wilber, Jennifer High School Teacher