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Horizon has a very unique training system that allows each student/athlete to reach their fitness goals. 

In 2006 an existing pole barn was transformed into a first class fitness center. Under the guidance of Athletic Development Coach Josh Platt, student/athletes are taught limitless options for students’ physical development. Student/athletes are taught the tools to build power, increase flexibility, increase speed, improve posture, and most importantly, create high levels of durability that keeps students/athletes on the field of competition and not in the training room. 

Student/athletes are taught the latest techniques in different training modalities. In an effort to give student/athletes their own personal knowledge on how to attain their goals, our Trainers and P.E. Teachers show them how to utilize techniques from Power Lifting to Pilates, Yoga, Speed Training, and more. Student/ athletes also have access to nutritional information for making wise choices to enhance energy levels. 

For more information, contact Josh Platt.