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MS Athletics

The athletic program at Horizon Christian Middle School is designed to provide athletic opportunities for students in a Christ-centered arena.  We consider it our responsibility and privilege to assist the development of each child’s growth, as well as help them discover and strengthen their individual gifts and talents.  Athletics is another element toward that goal in the education of the student. 

The interscholastic program is completely voluntary and any eligible student is invited to participate.  Involvement does, however, require extra effort and extra time in addition to the regular school day.  Those choosing to participate in the program represent Jesus Christ, their families, their church, and their school in all activities.  Therefore, high standards of citizenship, sportsmanship, conduct, and attitude must be maintained.  The standards of HCMS are also reflected by those participating on and with the athletic teams, including athletes, parents, and coaches.  Not all teams in the interscholastic league are Christ-based schools.  This provides an opportunity for the athletes from HCMS to portray Christian character to others.

The interscholastic contests are competitive.  The level of competition increases with the grade levels.  In addition to teaching skills, teamwork, and sportsmanship, the goal of each game, match, or meet is more than simply winning on the scoreboard. At Horizon “winning” can look different than what the world may tell you is considered winning. For us, a win might be achieving a personal goal, improving on a specific skill, playing better as a team than the previous contest, etc. The athletic program is committed to training athletes to compete at the highest level of their ability. While we do not operate on a, “win at all costs,” mentality, there is also not a guarantee that all athletes will have equal playing time.

The selection of team members may be necessary.  Every effort is made at this level to allow all interested students the opportunity to participate on our school teams. Tryouts and cuts are rare and are used only if there are more players than there are spots available on the team. Should students need to be cut from a team, parents will be notified of this process ahead of time; preference for available spots on the team will be given to 7th and 8th graders. Please note that the selection of team members is not based solely upon athletic performance. Christian character, attitude, cooperation, loyalty and the ability to keep up with academics are also extremely important factors weighed in to qualifying a student for an athletic team.