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At HCMS we believe in a well-rounded education. Our seven period school day includes our five core classes, English, math, science, history, and Bible, and two periods of rotating core classes. Our rotating core classes are quarter or semester long classes that include literature, computer, drama, art, music, Spanish, personal leadership, and physical education. Throughout the curriculum, the fundamentals of Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence Theory are emphasized as we believe that every Horizon student is talented and gifted and every learning style and gifting should be realized, explored and enhanced.

Middle School Core Curriculum

Math – Utilizing Prentice Hall text, classes include 6th grade math, pre-algebra, algebra and geometry.

English – Guided by the Strategies for Writing text, students further their skills in grammar, creative writing, researching and writing reports.

Science – Sixth grade begins the year solidifying an understanding of the Scientific Method and then utilizes those skills to study Earth Sciences. Seventh grade studies focus on Life Sciences while the eighth grade studies are in the field of Physical Sciences. Science textbooks are through Prentice Hall.

History – Sixth grade utilizes a Bob Jones text to explore ancient world history through the Renaissance. Seventh grade continues these studies through the Reformation utilizing Bob Jones and simulations through TCI. Eighth grade studies focus on US History from the exploration and colonization of North America through post-Civil War reconstruction and uses a text from Pearson.

Bible – Each year students will study one of four Bible text from Positive Action Bible Curriculum.  Winning the Race – Gives students an overview of New Testament doctrine, including the past, present, and future work of Christ. Route 66 – Is an overview of the Bible, Genesis to Revelation give students a basic introduction to the structure and themes of the Word of God. Dynamic Christian Living – Gives students the tools to continue their journey toward spiritual maturity. Life of Christ – Helps students develop a deeper knowledge of Christ and grow in relationship with him through a study of the Gospel of John. 

“We love the Biblical/Christ-centered world view the boys are getting their education from.  They are learning absolute truth, an acknowledgment that God has uniquely created them with ‘smarts’, gifts and talents, and that our knowledge and abilities are to give away to those around us and around the world.  The small school setting of Horizon provides an environment where amazing teachers and staff know each child individually and give them opportunities to grow in who they are designed to be.  Our boys have literally had life-changing experiences that will, without doubt, alter their lives in a very positive way.  We are grateful to be a part of HCS.”

--HCS Middle School Parent