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From 3A to D1 to the NFL

From 3A to D1 to the NFL Horizon Christian’s Wyatt Houston In the 2016-2017 approximately 1.1 million USA High School athletes competed in varsity football. 2.6% (1 out of 603) will compete at a NCAA 1 / FBS - D1 school. That is over 15,000 athletes at the FBS - D1 level. When you combine all colleges that offer varsity football in the US, the total number of athletes is over 92,500. Only 2% of college football players are given the opportunity to play in the NFL. In 2013, Horizon Christian High School’s all-star quarterback Wyatt Houston was 1 of 14 Oregon high school seniors, and the only 3A athlete in Oregon to receive a NCAA FBS-D1 football scholarship Although he played QB at Horizon, Houston made an immediate impact as a Tight End at Utah State. Houston earned starting time in each of his four years at Utah State, including his senior season, when he sta ... continue reading