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Horizon Student Crowned Miss Teen Oregon

On October 8th 2017, Horizon Christian High School Junior Jaycie Forrester won the Miss Oregon Teen USA pageant. Unlike her competitors, Jaycie had never participated or competed in a beauty pageant. In this exclusive interview with Hawk Heritage Newletter, Jaycie reveals why her ascension to Miss Oregon Teen USA was much more than a leap of faith... Success leaves clues. See if you can identify some of the clues to Jaycie’s success. Jaycie Forrester = JF Hawk Heritage = HH   HH - When did you first begin competing in competitions like Ms Teen Oregon? JF - The Miss Oregon Teen USA was the frst time I began to compete in pageants HH - When was your thought process in deciding to compete for Ms Teen Oregon? JF - I am always looking to improve my future and so one day I was searching online for scholarship opportunities towards my colle ... continue reading