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Farewell to Beloved Vice Principal, Susan Olson

After 10 years of faithful and fruitful service, Susan Olson will be leaving her post as Vice Principal of Horizon Christian Middle School. For years, Susan has focused on the needs of others. Now she will focus on her health, well being and Gods plan for her. We love and respect Susan Olson. A hard working, honest, patient, loving and responsible follower of Jesus. She has not only made our school better but all of her colleagues as well. When Susan became the Vice Principal in 2010, she began layering new activities, plans, systems and opportunities on to her plate.  An incomplete list of what she has done include: the fall middle school retreat, the Washington DC trip, outdoor school, social events for middle schoolers, school photography, scheduling for all middle school students, teacher/specialist scheduling, Ren Web support, the MAP test scheduling, security pr ... continue reading